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🌿惟元蔘粉招集令🌿 | 加入會員 🎁現領 50元購物金🎁 訂單滿500元任你折!

Member join & exclusive benefits

"Weeiywun Member Recruitment! "

Weeiywun store/online mall dual-channel member solicitation!

Whether you join from store or online, you will get the same discounts. Limited-time discounts will be held from time to time in the future. 
You are welcome to join us if you love Chinese herbal health and nourishing Chinese medicine!

|| Exclusive member benefits ||

•Buy 100 and get 1 shopping point
(Dual stores accumulate at the same time, 365 days validity period, 1 point is discounted to 1 NTD)

• Exclusive discounts on event merchandise
(Exclusive member products will be launched in the future, member discount days)

• Member’s birthday gift will be given away
(Birthday gifts will be issued to members, and the system will be able to send out the birthday information when you join the member again)

•Preferential news is not missed
(Need to agree to receive store discount newsletters and emails)

|| New members join ||

For customers who have never left information on the physical store and official website, please click here
Weeiywun Online Mall provides three registration methods of "FB/mobile number/email", you are welcome to join!

|| Existing member verification methods ||

This method is suitable for those who have previously made purchases in physical stores and left member information
(Limited to mobile phone number or email. Local callers cannot verify it. If you need verification, please call 07-2217766 for assistance)

1. To log in to the website for the first time, go to the member login area and click "Forgot your Password"

2. After entering the page, enter the mobile phone number or email recorded at the physical store.
You can receive the "SMS verification code or email confirmation letter" respectively, and then complete the steps of password modification and verification.

3. After receiving the confirmation letter, directly modify the password to log in again
(If you have any questions about member registration, please call 07-2217766 for assistance)