「 Ginseng 」
King of Herbs, your best choice.

As one of the largest importers and exporters of ginseng in Taiwan, Weeiywun possesses well-known professional processing technology in the industry, and providing the highest quality ginseng products.

「 Bird's nest 」
Natural Bird's Nest, Kalimantan Island, Indonesia.

Weeiywun strictly control the quality of bird’s nest processing, with no glue, no bleaching, and no added preservatives as standard, stable import season by season, complete specifications.

「 Organic herbs 」
100% nature, highest quality.

In view of food safety issues and the rise of awareness of health preservation in recent years, Weeiywun went to China's organic medicinal material production base to find zero-polluting high-quality medicinal materials.

「 Precious Herbs 」

Wild collection, precious tradition herbs.

Weeiywun went Nagqu in Tibet and Changbai Mountain in northeast China, and visited the production bases of Cordyceps and Hashima to provide consumers with the highest quality, true and correct precious medicinal materials.

Chinese Medicine Extract
Concentrated extraction, dripping essence.

Weeiywun imported the latest decocting machine from South Korea to provide a more convenient health care option.

「 Herbal Tea 」
Real materials, mellow and sweet.

Choose high-quality raw materials, classic inherited formula, large-volume packaging, resistant to brewing, and tasteless, all kinds of flavors are available.

「 Herb Regimen」

Safe medicinal materials, experience inheritance.

Inheriting the essence of the four generations of medicinal materials, combining the characteristics of various medicinal materials and the theory of Chinese medicine.

「 Chinese Cuisine」

Nourishing Chinese medicine, warming and nourishing.

The original stew seasonings can be easily enjoyed at home. You can choose from a variety of recipes. The popular stewed tonic series, authentic flavor cups, and Chinese dessert ingredients are available, and customized services are provided for you to find The most suitable health supplement.

Ginseng Tea Series

For different types of ginseng, choose the most suitable place of production, Wisconsin (west ginseng), South Korea's Geumsan County (Korea ginseng), Northeast Changbai Mountain (Eastern ginseng).

Bird's Nest Gift Set

The instant bird’s nest series is divided into instant bird’s nest and ready-to-drink bird’s nest. For different gift objects, you can choose freely. All items are made of Indonesian bird's nest raw materials. 

Korean Fresh Ginseng

At present, all fresh ginsengs are waiting for customs inspection and quarantine. They must be confirmed and approved before they can be sold. Please wait patiently for interested consumers. We will update the first information at any time.