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| Place Of Production |

In order to provide customers with the best quality of medicinal materials, Weeiywun actually visited the origins of various countries to understand first-hand information, and strictly review the quality of suppliers, planting environment, and processing links, Storage space, the purpose is to ensure the stability of the source of imports, and to receive the latest production/policy changes and other news, and prepare in advance.

| The Profession of Chinese Medicine Importers | 

As one of the importers, Weeiywun stands on the first line of defense in the introduction of medicinal materials. We attach great importance to the pesticide and heavy metal residues of Chinese medicinal materials. 

Every year we import samples, we will attach a test report. And make sure it meet the import standard of Chinese medicinal materials from the Ministry of Health and Welfare before it is imported, so consumers can rest assured to buy at our store.

In recent years, in addition to the existing import of precious medicinal materials such as ginseng, bird’s nest, snow clam, cordyceps, etc., We introduced the largest granularity in response to the rise of social climate and food safety awareness.

Organic goji berries and organic red dates with a sweeter taste (variety: gray dates), in addition to passing the organic standards of the United States and Europe, have also been approved by Taiwan's organic certification unit (picking garden ecological verification) Provide consumers with another health option

Craftsmanship |

After a long time of hard work, Weeiywun has become more proficient in the technology of people participating in the work. Every piece of ginseng in the hands of consumers is judged, trimmed, graded, and subsequently processed and matured by professional masters.

Adhering to no fumigation, no weighting, no pre-extraction of effective ingredients is Weeiywun’s insistence on quality, and it is also the reason why brand products have been widely recognized by the industry and consumers.

| Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish |

In addition to the daily work of selecting, grading, and processing medicinal materials, Weeiywun also uses non-industry time to participate in seminars and courses held by the industry associations.

Introduction and analysis by professionals, familiar with the characteristics of different medicinal materials and judgment methods, and listen to the policies and regulations of government agencies, and contribute to the environment of Chinese medicine.